The Motherhood Metamorphosis

Emily Roussell: The SuperMom Myth

February 14, 2022 Brittany Meng Season 1 Episode 21
The Motherhood Metamorphosis
Emily Roussell: The SuperMom Myth
Show Notes

Emily Roussell is author of Rock You Tonight, a lullaby style picture book written for new babies and moms. She's mom to four, and wife to her best friend. She's a speech language pathologist by degree, but as motherhood has grown and changed her she's become a writer by passion and pursuit.

Emily and I dive deep into the cultural narrative of being a Supermom and the pressures modern moms face to "do all/be all."

Our conversation holds a magnifying glass over the the expectation women feel--both internally and externally--and offers a refreshing alternative to the pressure and anxiety to be a "Supermom".

Quotable Quotes:

"There are no supermoms. That is a myth. We all have our hard and we all have our great and it’s all vastly different."

"There is so much pressure to be or fulfill that supermom role. Part of the problem is that we are getting praised for it."

Read the article by Emily that inspired our conversation here.

You Can find Emily at on Facebook at You are Loved Emily Roussell or pick up a copy of Rock You Tonight in hard cover or kindle version on Amazon. 

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