The Motherhood Metamorphosis

Theresa Boedeker: Rules, formulas, and finding your confidence

March 14, 2022 Brittany Meng Season 1 Episode 24
The Motherhood Metamorphosis
Theresa Boedeker: Rules, formulas, and finding your confidence
Show Notes

Theresa is a mom of two children, 15 years apart. When her second was born, She had one learning to talk, and one talking back. One learning to drive and one driving her crazy. These days, her daughter is the momma of two cuties, and her son is starting college.

Theresa and her husband live in Missouri and enjoy walking, gardening, and laughing at our complete oppositeness. She is a former English teacher, now a writer, speaker, and humor hunter who enjoys telling a funny story. She writes about life lessons, parenting, self-help, and Christian topics with both a serious and funny viewpoint. 

Theresa started our interview by sharing her story about how she had to figure out how to be an older mom where the rules had changed in motherhood after her son was born 15 years after her daughter. She felt like she was expected to follow all the new parenting advice and the pressures as a mom had intensified beyond anything she had experienced with her first child. 

Our conversation led into exploring the rules, formulas and advice that moms are inundated with, especially in the digital age, and how to find inner confidence in our own choices as mothers. 

Quotable Quotes: 

We as humans would love there to be, “if you do A, B, and C your child will come out perfectly!” sleep through the night! Potty train! But there is no formula. 

 Are you having fun with your children? Because I think we focus so much on how do we feed them? How do we potty train them? How do we get them to sleep at night? And we forget to have fun with them. The more we have fun with them, that builds our relationship with them and it also makes us more comfortable with them, loving to them, and helps us see them more as a person. 

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