The Motherhood Metamorphosis

Lisa Speers: Marriage in the goop

August 15, 2022 Brittany Meng Season 2 Episode 13
The Motherhood Metamorphosis
Lisa Speers: Marriage in the goop
Show Notes

Lisa Speers transformed her love of journaling into a thriving platform aptly named, I Do Part Two. She shares 'keeping it real' marriage stories and advice from experts to strengthen our most important relationships. She also hopes to encourage women who feel ‘stuck’ and a little ‘lost’ as their children leave the nest to start pursuing their own dreams. After 35 years of togetherness with her best friend and husband, as well as raising three grown children together, Lisa's concluded she and her husband will forever be trying to figure each other out.

Lisa and I use the metaphor of "being in the goop"--the transformational process of becoming someone or something new in the journey of motherhood--to talk about the metamorphosis a marriage or partnership goes through when you become a parent.

This can be an intense transformation! We both share our personal stories from new motherhood and how our marriages have shifted and changed over the years; how we've learned to connect with our spouses new new ways, and grow together as a couple.

This is a beautiful and practical conversation that we hope will help you reflect on your own relationship and the goodness and growth that can be found there.

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