The Motherhood Metamorphosis

Brittany Meng: Season 3 Wrap Up

February 27, 2023 Brittany Meng Season 3 Episode 14
The Motherhood Metamorphosis
Brittany Meng: Season 3 Wrap Up
Show Notes

Hey friends! In this episode, I reflect and wrap up season 3: the guests, stats,  memories, and shout-outs to our patrons and supporters

I also share some fun facts about me (Brittany), your host and some challenges I've had behind the scenes of this podcast. 

Listen in to a few funny bloopers at the end. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has listened and supported this podcast in seasons 1, 2, and 3. 

I am taking a much needed break from the podcast for the time being and am not sure when I will resume interviews and episodes. In the meantime, catch up on episodes you have missed--there are over 60!

If you have any questions or would like to communicate with me, please contact me at 

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