The Motherhood Metamorphosis

Shelby Spear: The stories we tell ourselves as mothers

October 18, 2021 Brittany Meng Season 1 Episode 4
The Motherhood Metamorphosis
Shelby Spear: The stories we tell ourselves as mothers
Show Notes

 My conversation with Shelby Spear was gold--at least for me! I hope you feel the same. I gained so much from her experience and wisdom as a contemplative mom of 3 grown children.

Shelby's honesty and authenticity about her personal struggles and healing is inspiring. We talked at length about the stories we tell ourselves and how to weed out the lies from our minds. It it is up to us, as women, to seek healing so that we can be the women and mothers that will bring life and health into our world and families.

Quotable Quotes: “We want our kids to believe all these things about themselves—that they are worthy and valued and they have gifts and talents and they can do whatever they want in life—we build them up! But if we’re also not building THIS [presses hand to heart] up, then they can see how we’re treating ourselves. Modeling that is so huge too. It’s not just what we say.”

 "The more we can really question the stories we’re telling and ask ourselves, "Does this align with what God would say about me…and even what MY OWN KIDS would say about me?!" They see such a better version than we would admit or even what see in in mirror!"

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